1) Determine what your blade(s) is worth.

    a) Search Internet if known brand! (E-Bay, Blade Forums, Brand Website, BudK, Kenesaw Cutlery)

    b) If you're the blade maker, determine what you feel your work and skill is worth, compared to other like bladesmiths!

2) Take GOOD well lit photos:

  • From several angles
  • One or two with adult male and/or female holding the blade!
  • A short well lit narrated video would be even better ;-)

3) Write up good description, bullet list the following:

  • Blade material (Damascus, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, ATS-34, AUS, etc)
  • Blade Type (Drop Point, Stiletto, Tanto, Clip Point, Spear, Etc)
  • Handle material (Wood, Bone (type), Micarta, Metal (type), G-10, etc)
  • Special accents (Etching, Metal plating (Gold, Silver, etc), Medallions, etc) NOTE: Take Photos!
  • Blade length ( tip of blade to handle or hand guard )
  • Overall Length (HINT: Photo of item next to a ruler)
  • Weight of item in pounds or ounces
  • Sheath (Type of material, retaining strap or clip, etc) NOTE: More Photos ;-)

4) Send above information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5) We check your information and make suggestions if necessary!

6) Sign sales agreement

7) We post your blade to and give it special promotional attention, i.e. Promo Spot, Featured Item, etc!


1) You review the listing and make sure its based on:

   a) the information you provided and
   b) at the price we agreed on in the sales agreement

2) We interface with buyers and make final sale including shipping charges from your location!

3) We email you prepaid shipping label to put on package including insurance!

4) Package blade in a box within a box with appropriate packing material and present to shipper within two business days!

5) Package can be picked up from your location or dropped off at shipper, usualluy USPS or FedEx!

6) You and buyer receive email with tracking information and notification of sale!

7) Once item is received by customer we transfer funds by:

    a) PayPal (Fastest and Safest)

    b) Postal Money Order (US Prority Mail)

    c) Bank Transfer (Extra Fee for this Service)


1) Sales fee of 10% is part of the Final Sales Price paid by buyer and is added to the Sales Price agreed upon by seller!

     Example: Sales Fee = $350 X .10 = $35  Final Sales Price = $350 + $35 = $385

2) Shipping and Handling fees are paid by buyer and are non-refundable!

3) Bank Transfer fees are paid by seller in cases where this option is preferred!