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Greetings Fellow Blade Enthusiast,

Like most young people whether growing up in a hunting and fishing family like mine or an urban/suburban youngster, we all at one time have a steely eyed fascination with cool knives, swords, and any scary looking blade in general, some grow out of it, others like me, not so much ;-)

This fascination matured one day in 1985 while working as a DOD Contractor when I was offered a chance to become to become a dealer with a small realtively unknown knife distributor in Georgia.  This arrangement allowed me to buy knives in bulk at wholesale prices and pass those savings onto to other blade enthusiasts while still making enough to buy the blades that I wanted to own and collect, and in the process, use my collection as samples that folks can actually see and hold ;-) 
Nothing sells like a Blade in the Hand!

In 2005 I came up with the Radical Knife concept of taking that same idea online and registered the domain name RadicalKnife.com™, now many years later after much upheaval in financial and world events, Radical Knife is a reality.  I presently do not stock much product because I do not have the space or facility to do so as I am a one person operation, for now ;-)

My dealer arrangement with On The Edge Brands: BUDK and it's siblings True Swords, United Cutlery, and Kennesaw Cutlery allows me to buy at prices that let me meet or beat most any price on the web and that includes Amazon.com ;-)


1) Register with RadicalKnife.Com

2) Goto BUDK, True Swords, United Cutlery, and/or Kennesaw Cutlery and find the item you are looking for by entering the information in their Search Bar or Browsing by Category or Brand Name!

3) Copy the item nameitem number and send them to me, along with the quantity you wish to purchase, using the Radical Knife Contact Form

4) I will list the items on Radical Knife with the low item price and respond to you with same by email!

5) I have a minimum purchase of $75 per order in order to sustain these low prices, so if you can't make that minimum get some of your friends and relatives to join in on the savings ;-)

6) Shipping charges are paid by you and you will receive a shipping notice with tracking information from FedEx or the USPS Priority Mail and/or by Email!  Please allow 5 to 7 business days typically for Shipping, depending on distance and weather interruptions

7) I use Safe & Secure PayPal for all financial transactions and I am a verified PayPal user!

8) 100% Guarantee Return Any Item within 30 days for full refund on purchased item (Shipping and Handling Charges Not Included)

Tommy Barrios
Owner, Site Designer
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer ;-)

Radical Knife . Com™