The Shinwa name is widely known within the sword-collecting community and has become synonymous with the word “quality.” That’s because each Shinwa sword is handmade by master swordsmiths in the ancient town of Longquan. This renowned sword-making township has been honing their craft for hundreds of years and takes great pride in creating razor sharp swords that are battle ready!

But don’t think our Shinwa swords are just aesthetic works of art, these are fully functional, battle-ready swords. We’ve tested our Shinwa swords on everything from rolled mats to thick bamboo stalks, and they never cease to perform. These aren’t cheap, welded-tang, display pieces that are being machine stamped in some factory. We take pride in knowing that when our handmade Shinwa swords are put to the test, they will perform like the best.


Shinwa - Pearl Maroon - Samurai Sword Set

This highly detailed Samurai sword set is the most ...

MSRP: $1,010.00
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Shinwa Zatoichi Wood Handle Sword

This classic Shinwa Zatoichi sword features a razor-sharp, ...

MSRP: $160.00
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